The Gene Ontology Consortium is supported by an U41 grant from the NHGRI [HG002273]

The GO and UniProtKB-GOA groups at EMBL-EBI have been supported by grants from the European Union RTD Programme "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources" [QLRI-CT-2001-00981 and QLRI-CT-2001-00015].


The Gene Ontology project thanks AstraZeneca for financial support.

The SGD group acknowledges a financial gift in 2000 from Incyte Genomics; at that time Randy Scott, Ph.D., was President and Chief Scientific Officer.

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  • University College London - British Heart Foundation: British Heart Foundation [grant SP:07/007/23671]
  • dictyBase: R01 grant from the NIGMS [grant GM064426]
  • FlyBase: U41 from the NHGRI [grant HG000739] and by the Medical Research Council, London
  • UniProtKB-GOA: BBSRC Tools and Resources Fund [grant BB/E023541/1] and the British Heart Foundation [grant SP:07/007/23671]
  • Gramene: PGI grant from National Science Foundation [grant 0321685], and the USDA Cooperative State Research and Education Service (CSREES)
  • GXD: the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development [grant HD033745]
  • TAIR: supported by the National Science Foundation [grant DBI-9978564]
  • MGD: U41 grant from the NHGRI [grant HG000330]
  • RGD: R01 grant from the NHLBI [grant HL064541]
  • SGD: U41 grant from the NHGRI [grant HG001315]
  • WormBase: U41, National Resources, grant from the NHGRI [grant HG002223]

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