External Mapping File Format

Mappings of GO have been made to other many other classification systems; a full list is available on the Mappings to GO page. This page describes the format of these files.

Format Specification

The source of the external file is given in the line beginning !Uses:

!Uses:http://www.tigr.org/docs/tigr-scripts/egad_scripts/role_reports.spl, 15 aug 2000.

The line syntax for mappings is

external database:term identifier (id/name) > GO:GO term name ; GO:id

For example:

TIGR_role:11030 73 Amino acid biosynthesis Glutamate family > GO:glutamine family amino-acid biosynthesis ; GO:0009084

all on a single line. The relationship between terms from external systems to GO terms can also be one to many; extra lines can be added as follows:

MultiFun: Isoleucine/valine > GO:isoleucine biosynthesis ; GO:0009097
MultiFun: Isoleucine/valine > GO:valine biosynthesis ; GO:0009099

If no equivalent GO term exists for a term from another classification system, GO:. should be added as a mapping. For example:

MultiFun:1.5 Building block biosynthesis > GO:.

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