FTP and CVS Downloads

CVS Repository, cvsweb.geneontology.org

The CVS repository contains the most up-to-date GO data and curators working on the Gene Ontology commit their files directly to this repository.


The GO CVS repository can be browsed on the web using the GO CVSweb interface.

Anonymous CVS access

Anonymous read-only access is provided for those wishing to download data from this repository. It can be accessed anonymously using the following command-line instructions:

To log in anonymously to the CVS repository:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.geneontology.org:/anoncvs login

The login command will ask for a password; please enter your email address.

To download files from the GO CVS repository (a new directory called go will be created in which the repository will be stored):

cvs -q -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.geneontology.org:/anoncvs checkout go

To update existing GO repository data on your computer to the versions in the ontology:

cvs -q -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.geneontology.org:/anoncvs update -P go

More detailed instructions on using CVS can be found in the CVS Manual (via Ximbiot) and at Open Source Development with CVS (the Red Bean book).

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Web access

Many of the files contained with the the GO CVS repository can also be downloaded using a web browser to browse the file system directly. Files available by this method include:

These files are updated every 30 minutes from the CVS repository.

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FTP Archive, ftp.geneontology.org

The GO FTP archive contains a direct copy of all GO files, including the current ontology and annotation files, all documentation, mailing list archives and meeting minutes. In addition, it contains archived monthly releases of ontology and database data.

The GO FTP site can be accessed anonymously using the username anonymous and your email address as the password. Command-line FTP clients can use the instruction

ftp ftp.geneontology.org:/pub/go/

Many web browsers can act as an FTP client by accessing ftp.geneontology.org/pub/go.

The FTP archive is updated daily from the CVS repository.

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