GO Database Downloads

The GO database, accessed by tools such as AmiGO, contains ontology, gene product, sequence, and manual annotation data. It is available in a number of formats and configurations. This page details the database downloads available; for more information on the database itself, please see the GO database guide.

Database Downloads

Database Configurations and Update Frequency

The GO database is generated from the most recent version of the ontology and the annotation files contributed by members of the GO Consortium. There are a number of different sets of data available for download.

GO database builds and update frequency
Build name Contents Updated Downloads
termdb ontologies, definitions and mappings to other dbs daily
assocdb termdb (above); all manual gene product annotations; electronic annotations (IEA) from all databases other than UniProtKB [1] weekly All files can be found in the latest-lite directory in the GO database archives; files are named as follows:
  • MySQL: go_YYYYMMDD-assocdb-tables.tar.gz
  • SQL: go_YYYYMMDD-assocdb-data.gz
  • OBO XML: go_YYYYMMDD-assocdb.obo-xml.gz
  • RDF XML: go_YYYYMMDD-assocdb.rdf-xml.gz
seqdb assocdb (above), plus protein sequences for most of the gene products weekly Files are in the latest-lite directory; they are named as follows:
  • MySQL: go_YYYYMMDD-seqdb-tables.tar.gz
  • SQL: go_YYYYMMDD-seqdb-data.tar.gz
full GO database termdb (above), plus manual and electronically generated (IEA) annotations monthly Files are in the latest-full directory; they are named as follows:
  • MySQL: go_YYYYMM-assocdb-tables.tar.gz
  • SQL: go_YYYYMM-assocdb-data.tar.gz

[1] Sequences and IEA annotations from UniProtKB are omitted from the weekly database builds due to the large size of the data set.

More information, including API documentation, schema diagrams and full descriptions of all tables, is available in the GO database documentation.

See also the annotation downloads and ontology file downloads.

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Database Archives

Archives of the GO database releases (in a number of formats, including XML and mySQL) are available from the GO Database archives. The archives are arranged by release type, and are split into ontology-only, ontology plus manual annotation, and full database (including electronic annotation) releases.

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