GO and GO Associated Projects

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Community Annotation Wikis

A series of wiki pages have been developed to enable the scientific community to review GO annotation of their genes of interest and provide additional information to guide annotation efforts for these genes.

  • Reference Genome: aims to completely annotate twelve reference genomes so that those annotations may be used to effectively seed the automatic annotation efforts of other genomes. The Reference Genome Annotation Project is funded by the GO Consortium grant from the NIH Human Genome Research Institute.
  • Cardiovascular: improving annotation and ontology content for cardiovascular processes and gene products; see the project web pages for more information. Funded by the British Heart Foundation.
  • Immune System: improving annotation and ontology content for the immune system; not currently funded.
  • Muscle Biology: improving annotation and ontology content for genes and terms associated with muscle development and function; not currently funded.
  • Lung Development: improving ontology content to describe lung development; not currently funded.

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