Modifying GO

Section contents

These guides explain how to add to or alter the gene ontologies. They are intended for those members of the consortium whose job it is to make such modifications to the GO. However we make them available here for anyone who is interested to know how this work is carried out.

  • GO editing for beginners: a beginners guide for curators who will be editing the ontologies
    This guide is written to accommodate curators who may have only very basic computing experience, but also includes the information needed by more experienced users. It includes details of how to access the CVS repository.
  • Guide to Suggesting Ontology Changes: how to suggest possible changes to the ontologies using SourceForge
  • Guide to Making Ontology Changes: how to address a SourceForge request and make changes to the ontologies
  • Curator Guide to Cross-Products: a guide for ontology editors on creating cross-products in OBO-Edit
  • SourceForge links: links to all the individual sections of the Gene Ontology project on SourceForge.

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