Anonymous Access to the GO CVS Repository

Issue the following commands on your machine to create a directory for the GO CVS repository, check out the contents, and update your copy.

user% cd myDirectory

where myDirectory is the directory where you would like to store the GO repository and user% is your command line prompt.

user% mkdir go
user% cvs -d login

The login command will ask for a password; please enter your email address. To check out the entire GO CVS repository, use the command:

user% cvs -q checkout go

After the above commands there will be a complete copy of the GO repository on your machine. Update the copy with the following commands:

user% cd myDirectory/go
user% cvs -q -d update -d -P

If you prefer to check out or update only part of the repository, you can specify a subdirectory or file name in the cvs checkout or cvs update command.

More detailed instructions on using CVS can be found in the GNU CVS Manual and at Open Source Development with CVS.

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